Matthias Schöffmann
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Matthias Schöffmann

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"Before becoming a freelancer in 2009, I worked in IT as network administrator and software developer.
Now I'm offering my lighting and media services on a daily basis.
Exciting projects and innovations drive my ongoing passion."

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lights & visualization

light operating
(grandMA 2, grandMA 3)
3D visualization
(WYSIWYG, Depence2)
(fully featured 3D studio)

media & interactivity

mediaserver operating
(Coolux Pandoras Box)
content creation
(screendesign, motion gfx, ...)
sdk programming
(Coolux Widget Designer, C#, ...)
video engineering

planning & support

3D planning, design
(WYSIWYG, VectorWorks)
show control, automation
(MIDI, timecode, macros, ...)
control/data network engineering
(infrastructure planning, setup, ...)


music, broadcast & corporate events

Extending knowledge and experience are the most important side effects of every project.
Lots of festivals, concerts, tv/broadcast shows & corporate events are still extending my experience.
You can ask me for a detailed list of references...

See some pictures

art & installation

Lux Partum @ An interactive light art installation. 2020

tools & software

Sometimes I work on tools to make our operator-life easier ... ;-)
DEP2GMA Converter (convert Depence2/R3 data to grandMA2 setup)
GMA LogMaster (easy centralized grandMA2 system logging)
GMA RehearsalBuddy App (timecoded grandMA2 note-taking)
GMA TimecodeScreen (tiny grandMA2 timecode display for your Mac)
GMA WebRemote App (smart grandMA2 web remote view)
WYG2GMA Converter (convert WYSIWYG data to grandMA2 setup)

CueCollab (collaborative tools for rehearsal and showtime) (a curated list of tools and resources to improve your grandMA lighting console workflow)

And some other software projects ... (easy landing pages for your live event)

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Matthias Schöffmann
Keplerstraße 5/12, A-4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems, Austria

+43 664 3826699