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Matthias Schöffmann

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"Before becoming a freelancer in 2009, I worked in IT as network administrator and software developer.
Now I'm offering my lighting and media services on a daily basis.
Exciting projects and innovations drive my ongoing passion."

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lights & visualization

light operating
(grandMA 2, Hog4)
3D visualization
(WYSIWYG, grandMA 3D)
(fully featured 3D studio)

media & interactivity

mediaserver operating
(Coolux Pandoras Box)
content creation
(screendesign, motion gfx, ...)
sdk programming
(Coolux Widget Designer, C#, ...)
video engineering

planning & support

3D planning, design
(WYSIWYG, VectorWorks)
show control, automation
(MIDI, timecode, macros, ...)
control/data network engineering
(infrastructure planning, setup, ...)


music & entertainment // television & broadcast // corporate & industrial events

Extending knowledge and experience are the most important side effects of every project.
Lots of festivals, concerts, tv/broadcast shows & corporate events are still extending my experience.
You can ask me for a detailed list of references...

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tools & software

Sometimes I work on tools to make our operator-life easier ... ;-)
DEP2GMA Converter (convert Depence2 data to grandMA2 setup)
GMA LogMaster (easy centralized grandMA2 system logging)
GMA RehearsalBuddy App (timecoded grandMA2 note-taking)
GMA WebRemote App (smart grandMA2 web remote view)
WYG2GMA Converter (convert WYSIWYG data to grandMA2 setup)

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Matthias Schöffmann
Keplerstraße 5/12, A-4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems, Austria

+43 664 3826699